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What does CCAP Include?

Mandatory Social Justice Training

CCAP "Embed(s) diversity and inclusion training for students as an 'enrollment to graduation' process in all grades and at all CISD campuses." CCAP "Implement(s) diversity and inclusion curriculum/initiatives for each grade..." CCAP requires "structured diversity and inclusion training and initiatives for students during the academic year to include MANDATORY online, self-guided training and focus group trainings." (CCAP page 5, Strategy 1.1.1 & 1.1.3)

CCAP Costs

The cost of this program, at $3 million over 10 years, is radically irresponsible in an unknown economic environment. Board President Michelle Moore, on multiple occasions, brushed off the cost by stating they had applied for a grant to defray a large portion of the cost. That grant was denied because it was a state grant meant for victims of violent crimes, not a political indoctrination program for a wealthy school district. It was highly unethical for CISD to apply for that Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) grant. (CCAP page 34)

Christian Club Audits

Unintended Microaggressions

The CCAP requires all student organizations, clubs and programs to be audited to assure culturally competent practices. This type of requirement has negatively and specifically targeted Christian student organizations on public school campuses across the country. Because of this discrimination against Christian clubs and organizations, multiple lawsuits have been filed in other jurisdictions, resulting in favorable rulings for the Christian clubs. Negatively targeting Christian organizations violates the First Amendment (Free Speech and the Free Exercise of Religion), as well as the Equal Access Act. In 2001, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Christian Clubs, and this has been repeatedly upheld. It seems imprudent and illegal for CISD to go down this path of attempting to limit student freedoms, which will likely incur litigation against the district. (CCAP page 10, Objective 3.5)

CCAP defines Microaggressions as "Everyday verbal or nonverbal, snubs or insults, whether intentional or unintentional, which communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative messages to target persons based solely upon their marginalized or underrepresented group membership." (CCAP Page 1)

CCAP would enable student and staff 'Campus Diversity Councils' (i.e. diversity police) to document unintentional microaggressions by children in a guilty-until-proven innocent situation in the discipline offense history of the Skyward Management System. Permanently penalizing children for unintentional verbal or nonverbal actions is unconscionable. This police state culture discourages open and honest dialogue among students as children learn about each other, their cultures, similarities and differences. It does the opposite of celebrating diversity. (CCAP page 9, Strategy 3.1.2)

BLM Week at CISD?

The CCAP would establish a Diversity and Inclusion Week at each CISD campus during the academic year much like the weeks dedicated to "BLM at School" in Seattle, New York and Philadelphia. The BLM at School program on the BLM website includes a starter kit, list of Demands, 13 Guiding Principles and Curriculum. Included in this kit is a queer and trans-affirming curriculum for all ages and grades, as well as curriculum specifically stated to "disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure." (CCAP page 5, Action Step 3 of Strategy 1.1.13 &

What is CCAP?

Carroll ISD's Cultural Competence Action Plan (CCAP) is a five-year plan created by the District Diversity Council (DDC). The DDC was formed in reponse to a 2018 video of Southlake teenagers that surfaced on social media. The video showed teens "chanting a racial slur" at a private residence after Homecoming.

Contrary to its name, the District Diversity Council supports very little diversity of thought. This biased committee came up with their 34-page document, containing a 153- point action plan, that includes some of the most extreme liberal positions in the history of Texas public education. Much of this plan was actually written by senior CISD administrators, and then approved by the DDC.


No parent wants a child to be bullied or to experience acts of racism. The disagreement over CCAP is not whether bullying or racism should be addressed and dealt with appropriately, but whether CCAP, an overreaching and highly political plan seeking to indoctrinate children according to extremely liberal beliefs, is the answer.

Read the Full Plan

White Wood


Below are just a few of the messages we have received from CISD teachers and administrators. We gave them our word that we would not reveal their identity as they expressed fear for their jobs if they spoke out.

"One of my greatest concerns is the CCAP being promoted to be a 'kindness agenda.' Our counselors already focus on this, it is a topic thoroughly discussed and practiced in our classroom, and reviewed when consequences are necessary. CCAP is not kindness. It is meant to divide our students and put more work on our plate."

"I wish I had the nerve to speak out for our students at the school board meetings without fear of retaliation. We have all the tools we need in the Student Code of Conduct, but greatly lack administrative support. I feel they often cave to outside pressure."

"Love you and all the others for all that you are doing. I can't post to comment on anything since I teach, but I'm here on the sidelines if you need anything."

"As I type this I am sitting at my desk crying. Teachers are not making decisions. We do what we are told. I love my job, but I have no idea what bombshell will drop next. This week they voted to go 50/50 and eliminate exams. No one asked us what we thought. I saw a post that blamed us. Saying teachers don't want to teach. So, so very wrong. This whole thing is a nightmare."

The only reason the school board doesn't like the conservative group is because we are calling them out for 1) not doing their jobs, and 2) for only being concerned with their personal agendas."

"I do not know of a single teacher that supports CCAP. We do support the Student Code of Conduct."

"We want to thank you for speaking tonight. Being an employee of the district I'm probably breaking protocol...talking about school policy decisions. But I'm also a conservative with kids in the school district. Thank you again. Go Dragons!"

"Teachers sat in their classrooms alone on these ridiculous trainings ALL DAY. Then worked late into the night to try to prepare for what we really needed to be doing!"

"As a teacher in the district I'm very sad about the direction it's headed."

"From the conception of the District Diversity Council, a silent divide has grown amongst the CISD administration. Myself and others have voiced concerns about the lack of transparency the entire process; the absence of proper community notice, involvement and representation, to the composition and contents of the CCAP and questionable benefits for those that want to pass this. CISD has always prided itself on our level of transparency with our parents, students, teachers, and staff. When you have nothing to hide and are proud of your work, transparency is easy. From 2018 on I have felt that I am a hostage to what has become the CCAP and the desperate attempt to get it passed. The rift you are feeling in Southlake is the same within the walls of the administration building."

"The idea of the formation of SARC came directly from school board members and administrators. Alumni was recruited, and current students were contacted by alumni and teachers. The group has been intentionally used to exacerbate racism in Southlake. SARC is a puppet, and a select few CISD representatives are pulling the strings."

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