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How You Can Help

WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER Parental involvement in school board decisions is paramount to the success of any school district. If we all give just a little we can make a big impact to ensure our district recovers from its current crisis and thrives to Protect the Tradition of Excellence for years to come. 

1) Sign up to receive our newsletter

2) Donate to Southlake Families PAC

3) Serve on a Southlake Families committee

4) Serve on a CISD committee

5) Show up to the school board meetings and speak to the issues during the public comments section of the agenda. With government, whoever shows up wins.

6) Help local school board and city council candidates that share conservative values and desire to make Southlake the best it can be.

7) Speak truth to the lie that our city is a racist town. It is not.

8) Speak out if something inappropriate is sent home with your child. Parents have repeatedly found disturbing materials from the district. Vigilance is warranted. Know what your children are studying.

9) Get informed and VOTE in the upcoming May 1 school board and city elections.

10) Watch live and archived school board meetings

10) Above all, PRAY for our community that is being attacked and divided more now than it has ever been.

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