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Southlake Families is dedicated to advocating for our strong community values and tradition of excellence by proactively working alongside city, school and community leaders to encourage and strengthen our mutual goals of academic excellence, transparent accountability, fiscal responsibility and upholding character, integrity, a strong work ethic, and leadership in our community.

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What we Believe

Southlake Families is unapologetically rooted in Judeo-Christian values. We welcome all that share our concerns and conservative values.


We respect the Constitution. We believe in the right of self-defense. We believe in protecting innocent life.


Conservative principles have made Southlake an extraordinary city in which to live and raise a family, and we believe Southlake Carroll's tradition of excellence must be protected. We reject recent campaign smears calling our tradition of excellence 'racist.'


Southlake Carroll's tradition of excellence has always welcomed all people and will continue to do so. Local government is as important as county, state and national government as it affects our families, freedom and way of life.


We must rise up and work hard to protect our traditional way of life, which is currently under attack by extremists. We do not believe violence, whether physical or verbal, psychological or emotional, will ever solve problems. We believe in faith, freedom and family.

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Racism is a real problem. 
CCAP is not a real solution.

We affirm that real racism remains an issue across the globe, and while rare in Southlake, we stand against it. 

We deny the current CCAP is a solution to any racist issues and, in fact, creates more racism, not less.

We condemn the DDC and SARC's cancel culture threats and divisive rhetoric towards anyone who does not support CCAP. Their attempts to label non-CCAP supporters as racist is hateful, intellectually dishonest, offers no path to lasting solutions, and only serves to divide our community. 

We affirm that if the CISD Student Code of Conduct were administered fairly and unilaterally, all students would feel they have a safe environment in which to learn. 

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