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CISD Hires PR Firm to Push CCAP

In documents received via a Public Information Request, Southlake Families has received a copy of an agreement between CISD and Sunwest Communications Public Relations Firm. This October 28, 2020 agreement required CISD to pay a non-refundable retainer of taxpayer money in the amount of $8,500, from which Sunwest will bill against its hourly rates. Should the work requested exceed the existing retainer, Sunwest will invoice Carroll ISD an additional non-refundable retainer of taxpayer money in the amount of $5,000 increments at a time and will do so until CISD indicates Sunwest's work is complete. This agreement outlines that Sunwest is to provide the following services for CISD:

- Strategic counsel and advice on messaging, positioning and communications with internal and external stakeholders, specifically addressing misinformation and personal attacks on social media;

- Development of a comprehensive proactive and reactive strategic communications plan, to include a proposed action plan, timeline and recommendations to obtain broad community support for a revised Cultural Competence Action Plan (i.e. CCAP);

- Development of strategic messaging, talking points, positioning statements and other tactical communications as recommended by the plan;

- Preparation of Carroll ISD leadership, its designated spokesperson(s) and key stakeholders for interviews and/or speaking engagements or media inquiries as needed and appropriate; and

- Media monitoring for mentions of Carroll ISD and other relevant individuals or entities.


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