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Southlake Families is dedicated to advocating for our strong community values and tradition of excellence by proactively working alongside city, school and community leaders to encourage and strengthen our mutual goals of academic excellence, transparent accountability, fiscal responsibility and upholding character, integrity, a strong work ethic and leadership in our community.

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Locker Room

In the midst of a global pandemic that has left our teachers stretched thin, our schools in limbo, and our parents struggling to balance unprecedented circumstances, CISD has spent precious time and resources setting up a district diversity police instead of focusing on classroom and virtual curriculum. CISD parents should have the opportunity to provide input on this costly and invasive new policy. 

This proposal is bad for students. It would...

  • Mandate social justice training as a requirement for graduation

  • Create a diversity police - denying due process of students and teachers - creating an environment where you are guilty until proven innocent of 'microaggressions' 

  • Cost close to $3 million over the next 10 years while not being approved by the voters

  • Inhibit the ability to always hire the most qualified teachers by prioritizing race over experience

  • Create an additional burden on our teachers by pulling them away from teaching core subject matters

  • Require students and teachers to take a "cultural competence test" that can be used for shaming and discipline 

  • Require the school district to host community events which could potentially impact the right to freedom of religion for both students and teachers

  • Use social justice audits to modify award-winning curriculum 

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