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This proposal is bad for students. It would...

  • mandate social justice training as a requirement for graduation

  • create a diversity police - denying due process of students and teachers - creating an environment where you are guilty until proven innocent of 'microaggressions' 

  • cost close to $3 million dollars over the next 10 years while not being approved by the voters

  • inhibit the ability to hire the best qualified teachers to prioritize affirmative action

  • create additional burden on our teachers - pulling them away from teaching core subject matter

  • require students and teachers to take a "cultural competence test" that can be used for shaming and discipline 

  • require the school district to host community events - possibly impacting student's and teacher's religious freedom 

  • change our award-winning curriculum thru social justice audits

We ask the Carroll School Board to DELAY for 6 months the vote on the Cultural Competence Action Plan and allow parents and residents to have a chance to review this 34 page policy proposal.

Should students be prevented from graduating?

Don't Mandate Social Justice Training as a Graduation Requirement!

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